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Thank you for taking the time to read my terms.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.
These terms were written in conjuction with Kellie of By Night Pixels.

Important Notes

Anyone found in violation of these terms of use will have their membership revoked, without a refund and will be required to cease using any of the content of my Members Area.

I reserve the right to deny sales or memberships to anyone I see fit, for any reason, at any time.

I reserve the right to modify these terms of use at any time - any and all revisions will apply to all present, past, and future customers


You may NOT at any time, share ANY raw materials (lines, tubes, outlines, IM Letters, tutorials) with anyone. Anyone caught doing so will forfeit their membership and right to any monetary reimburstment.

Items are for your use only. You may not share these tubes with anyone else, including - but not limited - to passing thru Yahoo!/Google/MSN Groups, News Groups, Forums, Message Boards, or Email messages.

You may NOT share your login information with ANYONE. If you co-own a site with someone, you may NOT share any of the members area content with them. Anyone caught sharing login access will have their membership revoked & you will not recieve any monetary reimburstment for the time remaining on your membership.


Due to the nature of this site, no payment refunds will be given upon receipt of purchased items, or membership area access. If there has been an error in your tag - such as misspelling of your name, or hair colour - I will gladly correct the tag, but you will not recieve a monetary reimburstment.

You MUST display your personalized logo upon your site while you are a member.
Once you membership expires, if you are still using my content, you must continue to display my logo/text link.

SigTag Terms
Tags are not to be altered in any way. You may not recolour, add too, slice or dice in any way.

These may be used by the purchaser, or the person you intend to gift it to, in groups, forums, emails, etc I do not ask for any link back but if you are adding yout tags to a tag page/ collection site, a link would be greatly appreciated. http://candycoatedpixels.net

Tube Terms
Tubes are not to be altered in any way. You may not recolour tubes unless otherwise specified. You may flip/mirror the tubes if necessary.

You may not resell these tubes in their current form (i.e. You must make siggies, email stationary or websets etc before using them for sale purposes.). And they may not be offered or sold AS IS.

You may not sell or distribute blank siggies (siggies without a name).

You may not use any of my content for "Makers" (including but not limited to siggie makers and doll makers). Quicktag excluded unless otherwise specified.

You may not use any of these tubes (or lines) for offline useage. This includes, but is not limited to, items (clothing, bibs, mousepads etc.) created with sites such as Zazzle and Cafe Press.

Give credit where credit is due, do not claim these as your own. You must link back to my site (on a memebrships page is fine) with either a text link or one of the banners provided.

Outlines Terms
You may tube my outlines if you have a tube license. You may not offer or sell lines or tubed lines AS IS.

You may alter my lines slightly to fit into what you are making, but the copyright still belongs to me.

Regarding LiveJournal

Lately there has been alot of drama over pixel usage and LiveJournal. I try my best to stay out of said drama. Please understand, these rules are set in place to protect my graphics and tubes as well as those that I get lines from.
At this time, I do allow my tubes to be used on LJ, however since some of my own memberships do NOT allow LJ useage, there are certain tubes in my membership area which may NOT be used on LiveJournal or any such communities.
>> To view the Social Site Uasage List Click HERE <<
If you have a LJ account please either a) add me as a friend, or b) add me to the community you create in.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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